identity and the self

I learned something interesting about my good friend Maureen Durkin today. Apparently, Maureen goes around telling people she’s Clarissa. This is very interesting and I can see this. Maureen walks into a room and declares, “I am Clarissa.” I love it.

This is a spatial issue. We can, I believe, inhabit two spaces simultaneously. To myself, in my own thought space, which is all the world at a precise moment, and the circular, bubble-like space of others, who do not know me or may not know me. In other words, I am always known and unknown, and, of course, these “positions” are “real” depending on orientation. The question now is, Who is Clarissa?

2 thoughts on “identity and the self

  1. gibb

    You need permalinks, I think, since I tried to refer back to this post, and trackback doesn’t work that way.

    Hi Maureen. Hi Clarissa.

  2. Maureen

    Clarissa is who I am on the “Internet” space..It is an identity and not an identity..It is me, and not me…It is another way to be..another persona..personality…

    New media offers us a chance hide behind “nicknames” or “persona”..We become actors on a wider stage [cyberspace]..Yet, we are not completely unknown…Our choice of nickname tells others something about us…for “Clarissa” is far different than say “Madonna” or “Kittykat”…

    Most Graciously,

    *A Mayde in her own little woode…

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