in the basement

Chapter 7. Watchmen. The scene begins with an odd reflection and a slash across the left lens of a pair of goggles. The view backs out to reveal a hand, Lauries hand, her finger raised where it had smeared off accumulated dust on the Night Owls costume. Well learn a little later that the goggles give night vision. Laurie says, Dan, this is fabulous. This must be what its like having powers . . . special vision . . . (7.10).

Prior to her pressing the flamethrower button, the scene exudes quiet, intimacy, and slow movement about the laboratory, especially given all the action of the prior chapter. We learn that Dan was into birds and flight (7.5). We learn about dusk woman. The issue of the past keeps coming up. Inside the ship, Dan fiddles with the controls, observing this and that about machinery. He and Laurie discuss cravings (7.7). No, Dan says, . . . I dont know why I hang onto this stuff. I mean, I know the romance is over. As we progress, the basement laboratory becomes an environment of subtle interplays and a relationship is developing. How? Dan talks as if things are over but he never shows any observable amazement at what he is. Hes showing Laurie around. The right middle panel on page 8 reveals something else. That Laurie is inside Dan. He speaks of Hollis, being with real heroes. Note Lauries face. Shes surrounded by wonders, wonders soon to be put to good use. This is a circle: we make it to the Dan, this is fabulous. The intimacy has climbed to a minor climax. Then she mentions Jon and the dramatic tension drops like a brick on Dans head. Getting late, he says, his face gray and washed. We are inside the goggles Laurie is wearing, watching his reaction to the Jon comment.

We have another spell of rising action as we move deeper.

Nuclear dreams.

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