king content

We’ve talked about this a lot but pertaining to the Stoning Field flash project content is king. I’m almost done grabbing all the assets I need: photos, video clips, and other elements such as buttons. Storyspace has provided the space for questions: how it will all be placed, where things will link to and more; and working in that space has provided lots of bangs–“oh, that’s where the still moon shot will go.” Doing all this, evaluating papers, dealing with committee work, and pushing for the new website has been an ordeal, though. That’s the life part.

It could always be that people are asked to conceive abstract spaces. But do we do enough considering the concrete in the abstract, such as an architectural plan. Overall, the sense that the project is a building to live in is the best metaphor that I can think of. Garden is nice though too. What would happen to the college paper if it were conceived as a physical space first, rather than as a set of abstract concepts? The image of a place is concrete after all. Just ask Yeats.