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Susan’s link structure is interesting. In the following grab of the hypertext, “Sunday” and the two women of concern–Joyce and Anne–anchor the link, but Sunday Morning is guarded and thus untraversable until another space is hit, although I don’t know which and really don’t want to know, although I would like to continue because of the suggested relationship between Anne and her husband.

The link that joins the spaces is “mornings.” In Paths, mornings could form a bridge from character to character, plot point to plot point, if this were an aspect of the link structure concept.

Another element that binds the spaces here is the previously-mentioned relationship issue. Jeremy and Joyce, the husband and Anne. Jeremy’s stomach is in a pretty good spot but nevertheless he “hates” the life, while Anne may indeed be in a position much the same, but will the paths connect? I think the energy and this tension is made possible by the structure, the choice through which the author makes closure work for the reader who must be thinking: what’s up with Anne, what’s up with Jeremy?

4 thoughts on “Link Structure

  1. gibb

    Actually, I think that many of the links need to be checked for relationship since a lot of them were based on a “word” as a base when I first prepared this narrative in pseudohypertext form. Now that I’ve worked with Storyspace–the real deal–I’m thinking differently about links. On the other hand, these are parallel relationships and I would like readers to buzz into one world and into another and another and another as the lives of the characters progress. You seem to recognize the different characters, so it may be working all right, but that was one of my concerns, that the buzzing would just cause confusion.

  2. gibb

    Wouldn’t the Storyspace Reader enable you to navigate via the link dialogue box which would then allow you to follow the guarded link by overriding the guard?

    BTW, love the new banner.

  3. Steve Post author

    In Windows, there are two ways to take a screenshot

    1. Print Screen will take the whole desktop
    2. Alt + prnt scrn will take a shot of an active window, so if SSP is fairly small on the screen you’ll get a manageable shot plus whatever is on the canass. Open your photo editor File/New, then paste the shot into and resize as necessary with your crop tool.

    I could actually manipulate your document since I have full stoyspace on the windows box, too, but I chose to just follow the links. You set the guard field for a reason, right?

    No confusion here. Hypertext means at many levels reading for context, so no prob.

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