Marvel Comics in the Family

Finally I can give big congratulations to Jordan, now assistant editorial staff at Marvel Comics. Jordan’s an all around creative human, energetic, swiftly smart, and about the nicest guy I know, and, of course, I’m married to his mother. Jordan’s wife’s a gem too. If you want to be related to someone, you want to be related to these people.

Here’s to you, kid.

Soon, I’ll provide mention to the lists he’ll be working on.

2 thoughts on “Marvel Comics in the Family

  1. gibb

    How can I not like and congratulate a guy who’s favorite movie is Rocky Horror Picture Show? Congratulations to him. It sounds like a job he’s well suited for and will love.

  2. Josh

    Always glad to hear when another highly recommended talent gets his oppurtnity to make their creative mark. All the best to him!

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