Minor in Red Tape

From my friend Christopher Coonce-Ewing

First the fact that we pay full tuition to teach irks me a bit. But then, because it’s only nine credits we have to get a special form filled out, signed by the Dean of Education and bring it to the Registrar that tells them to accept the total of 10 credits as full time. Given that I earn 3 credits for spending 2 hours and 40 minutes a week on campus for 15 weeks, would it really kill them to change student teaching to 11 credits for the 40 or so hours a week I’ll be in the school for 13 weeks? This is just another example of the hoops that we need
to jump through. There are times when I think I should graduate with a BS Ed Secondary History and a minor in Red Tape Navigation.

1 thought on “Minor in Red Tape

  1. susan

    Actually, the “free” course in Red Tape is one of the most useful lessons in the world outside academia, and will be used on a daily basis for the rest of our lives.

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