Ned Lamont

S, S, K and I went for a visit with Ned Lamont in Simsbury yesterday. It was an interesting evening at the public library and, I guess, a typical political gathering of local democrats, Lamont supporters, and opposers of Joe Lieberman. What I found interesting about the gathering was the sense of uncertainty and hope in the crowd and that people’s questions reflected the typical disconnect between the world as reported and the world that people experience first hand. One we know, the other is beyond understanding.

Some asked about nuclear proliferation (I think we have no capacity to treaty with anyone anymore and find the whole business naive); Kyoto (the damage has been done and the answer is in mass-scale smart energy and people-oriented development–good luck since heavy energy is still the future); and the war (another case of neglect); immigration (I’m from El Paso and really don’t get why people are so angry about this). Lamont provided sensible and idealistic answers, including some refreshing “I don’t knows.” I don’t know what to say beyond this.