Network Novels

I came to this by a variety of wefts, and it will be interesting to watch how things develop with Flight Paths.

But I’m not quite sure what is meant by networked novel in actuality. The second section under How to Participate goes:

Feel free to join in our conversations by adding comments to anything on this website. You are also encouraged to submit your own material to this site, including photos, memories, ideas, stories, music, video, or anything else you think might be interesting.

What are people meant to contribute and why? Forster clocked the novel at over 50,000 words, but the notion of novel and length is linked to apparatus, so novel could apply here as an intension. I see no problem with contributory fictions, but have never read anything of this sort that held my interest in a narrative sense, not that my interest is any great shakes.

When I’ve heard people talk about providing the environment for participatory fictions, the first question I ask is “why do this?” At the moment, I want to work on a team generated hypertext, but this is more about a merging of eyes on a few tightly drawn characters.

The Terms and Conditions would seem to suggest that ownership of contributions belongs to Pullinger and Joseph, The Writers. Why?

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  1. gibb

    Thanks for providing the link. I’d run across commentary about Flight Paths but no one had pointed to the piece itself.

    With just a brief scan of the site, so not a really informed opinion, it strikes me as a Live Journal group with the focus on a particular story (rather than teen angst) with the usual sidetracks. No one is actually adding to the text as written, just sidenotes (and images) can be added. So the story doesn’t change, as would a hypertext piece.

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