Obama, Hillary, and Risk

So, it’s time to move on. I must say that Obama and Hillary are two excellent people. They both know how to play the current game. Although it is hard for spectators to understand or infer the rules. Media news and online information about the political process is almost impossible to put together. My one wish is for big ideas to show through. Risky stuff.

Prioritizing infrastructure. American adventures around the world boggle me when there is so much work to do at home. Last night Hillary Clinton referred to our dependency on “foreign oil.” This is not right, even if it is coded, and it’s simplistic. It’s oil that’s at issue. Not sources. “Foreign oil” implies the politics of energy and geography. “Bad” modifies both the adjective and the noun.

So many ideas are enriching the human ecology and built space communities (in which I include hypertext). But the current narratives restrict their going mainstream. Ideas that could do so much for human well-being. Everywhere the infrastucture’s crumbling: bridges, schools, homes, savings, and roads. With it, minds. It may be that all change takes is for one community to say “We’re going to install solar panels on all our municipal buildings and then we’re going to wait and see what happens to the space around the joint.” Certain resources will simply not be affordable in the future. We don’t need them anyway.