On Doors that Don’t Open

I figure it would be simple to make an interior that doesn’t work, such as a room whose doors are all locked from the inside. That involves a little bit of planning though, and I’d imagine that when a button is pushed and a guy named Chisolhm opens the door, for a brief moment, he’ll wonder if anyone has been snooping inside.

But back to the space. We have a six-sided room, no doors at all. Chisolhm, no, just Ed. Ed has his chin in a loose hand and he’s watching the slab. It’s a concrete box. As a room it doesn’t work, but he’s got to be wondering what to do with it, who made it, or how it might look elsewhere, by the sea, for example. On a Montana hilltop.

What does this lead to? Where would you put the window? Or is a window meant at all? The next time you see Ed, ask him.