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  1. steve

    Consider need. Need for what? In ten, twenty years both India and China will need even more fuel, as will we. Then there’s Iraq. Predictions are going macro-economic nuclear. Fine by me. But what about small engines: the sun pulses above day by day. Riches will go to she who will sell to the global market for the next 20 years.


    I need a sun-powered car, the paint infused with nano-cells. Why not?

  2. gibb

    Here’s more fodder for ya — http://www.lifeaftertheoilcrash.net/Index.html

    In the meantime, I wish people would understand that SUV’s are not a dirty word–my Honda gets 25 mpg, and while the Expeditions and Sequoias may get 9 to 11 mpg, they are NOT sport utility vehicles. They’re GGG’s – gas guzzling pigs. There are more misunderstandings about energy crisis than there are camps of opinion. There’s oil we’re sitting on, and there’s oil that’s drying up. Nothing, nothing will be determined by what fuckin car you drive. What drives innovation? The big guys with the money. What stifles it? The same folks.

  3. Maureen

    I’m feeling a bit woozy..but I will say this..there is no reason why gas has to be above 2 dollors..it is not as if there is only 2 teaspoons of oil left in the world…

    That being said..since we are being held hostage by the oil cartels..[even though we have an “Oil President”-his previous job in Texas..but I digress…] we will have to look to other ways of getting around…

    The hybrids give you more mileage, but they are expensive..and repair and maitenance costs down the road are not cheap either…

    There is a lady who powers her car with vegetable oil..think of that? [in the news today]…All you need is your Wesson [or Canola oil] and you’re good to go… Just leave a little for makine fries…;)

    Most Graciously,

    *A Mayde in her own little woode..

  4. Beverly

    For centuries, mass transportation in China was commonly known as the bicycle. Now their ideology of transportation has become increasingly lazy (Americanized) from the convenience and affordability of economical cars, the result of mass production. The mass volume of little guys has lost the power to promote innovation. The reduced influence of unions supporting worker’s rights is one good example. The only conservative reaction from the little guys is to obey the big guys who control innovation with their money, that is, if the little guys want to get a pay check at all. The problem is that money has power over need. If you’ve got the money, then go get that sun-powered car. For those who don’t have the extra jingo, they will keep buying those gas guzzling suv’s along with the mass amounts of economically compacted cars.

  5. Christopher

    Any finite resource (oil in this case) will eventually run out. We are not yet near that point. What we are nearing however is the production peak. In America it was the 1970’s when we hit that point. It’s the top of the bell curve for production. From that point forward less oil can be pumped and it’s at an increased cost.

    It’s things like this that drive me to think about my future and the future of the world for my son. I will build a house which will not rely on outside energy sources that I can’t harness myself.

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