on hummingbirds

Spinning writes:

A housefinch is trapped inside the birdfeeder this morning. All I can do is open the top lid and try to talk him out, Lift! Lift! J.s at work already. I dont like fast jumping, fluttering, hopping creatures like spiders, frogs, flying bugs and birds. The only bird I ever had the nerve to approach with a towel to cover and carry to safety was a hummingbird beating against a window seeking freedom.

There’s something subtle but powerful about “touch” in this writing, the human coming closer to the bird and the mention of the towel and hummingbird. The suggestion of contact, without ever seeing it.

I think Hugh would like this.

2 thoughts on “on hummingbirds

  1. Spinning

    Shall I tell them what happened to the nice little birdie?

    Cripes, you can read my tomes of material and come up with a one liner that makes me have to cut, paste, and consider for a day before I can answer it because I’m supposed to know what you mean because you’re the one who taught us but I don’t. I may need to read more of Hugh than just the one paragraph.

    So here’s one back at ‘ya: Whatsa’ matter? Can’t come up with a good argument against my Dr. Manhattan analysis?

    I’ll apologize now for any implied sarcasm or aggression. It’s withdrawal symptoms, I’m sure.

  2. Spinning

    Okay, I’m in a better mood now. I do appreciate your taking time to read my stuff and highlighting when I do something right. I only wish I knew what I was doing right. I’m sure that classes, reading, and especially your comments have influenced us wannabes subconsciously, but I’m just as sure that even though it’s working its way into our progressive writings, it should be recognize, analyzed and understood after the fact at the very least. Thanks, Mr. E!

    And please take a minute to check the Dr. Manhattan comments. My nicotine withdrawal induced argumentative side won’t let me–nor you–run away from this one.

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