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This from CBS:

Mr. Bush’s overall job approval rating has continued to decline. Forty-one percent approve of the job he is doing as president, while 52 percent disapprove  the lowest overall job rating of his presidency. Two weeks ago, 44 percent approved. A year ago, two-thirds did.

Sixty-one percent of Americans now disapprove of the way Mr. Bush is handling the situation in Iraq, while just 34 percent approve.

No, what bothers me is that the numbers in support are even that high. Those in support of current policy and strategy should be down to 5 people.

4 thoughts on “on the polls

  1. john

    This reminded me of a wonderful quote after McGovern was blown out by Nixon in the ’72 presidential election: “I can’t believe that Nixon won. Everyone I know voted for McGovern.”

  2. steve

    It’s the phenomenon of the shrinkage of the horizon when national politics is concerned. All politics is local but then how “local”?

  3. Maureen

    Bush still has some support because there are those who fear the unknown..there is chaos in the world..and they fear that maybe Kerry couldn’t handle it…

    Though, we can argue effectively that Bush is hardly handling the chaos effectively himself…

    Gas prices are up, chaos in Iraq..and Bush is vacationing yet again….His biggest obstacle? How to handle riding a bike without falling down..

  4. Maureen

    Here’s some wisdom e-mailed to me from my good friend in Utah…

    Wisdom scrolled in the dust on the back of a bus…

    “It’s hard to make a comeback, when you haven’t been anywhere”…

    Some more words of wisdom:

    “If voting could really change things, it would be illegal”

    “If Pro is opposite of Con, then what is the opposite of progress,

    Okay, that is all for now..just some things to think about…

    Most Graciously,

    *A Mayde in her own little woode…

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