playing with literature and games

Here are a couple of relevant offerings to keep up with: — newsgames and Poems that go, especially since Contemporary Fiction is heading into the adventure of IF. Nick Montfort writes of Poems that go’s current theme, Literary Games:

The games in this issue, drawing on the tradition of computer and video games in various ways, provide a more certain proof that the literary game can do the serious, hard work of both literature and gaming, and suggest several ways in which different aspects of a literary game can function effectively together.

I don’t necessarily understand how the contents prove what Monfort suggests about the hard work of lit and games but am intrigued by the “aspects” as I work through the “games.” Motif and anticipation are at work here. If time permits I’d to write a little more about Bookchin, Andrews and Co.

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  1. Susan

    Am frustrated by Photopia. Went to a linked site and “Hunter in Darkness” made my day. Went back to play with Eliza and pissed her off again. Susan

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