Poetry and Form

The poetry is moving along and we’ve passed the half way mark in the 100 Images challenge. Somewhere near the 50 mark I hit a transition with one of the weaving characters in the under narrative of the poems, a woman who deals with some sort of identity issue. I have no desire to go into the characters, as the poetry deals with them, but I did note a relaxation to the tone and relationships after the narrative arc hit.

The male character is taking over now. His weave comes with an old woman, around whom the man seems to circulate, and Carianne’s work is gluing the images together and inspiring their shape.

It’s time to work on some Jintishi forms. These, in English, are almost impossible to resemble from the Chinese as this Tang Dynasty form is heavily built around Chinese character limitations and I don’t know of any relevant English equivalents. So, I’ll be working with a 7 to 10 syllable line and eight lines broken into two quatrains and estimating with the tonal considerations of the form.