From the Houston Chronicle:

Based on the latest budget cuts voted in Congress, federal spending to support college loans is scheduled to drop $12.7 billion in the five years beginning July 1, which is almost a third of the nearly $40 billion in deficit-reduction spending cuts. Lawmakers still must cast a final vote on the changes when Congress returns to work this month.

I’m sure that those who think about long term stuff are weighing options carefully, based on data crunching by Sandia-like computers, and thinking hard about the importance of an educated future. Or maybe not.

Touchy, touchy. But at the moment I and others of my colleagues are dealing with the consequences of political corruption. Good things are happening at SixnuT, but when governors and others do things that are never necessary, the results will eventually work their way into the everyday life of people who “need” to get things done. What effort we must waste to make up for selfish and prideful acts.