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But to discourage antiseptic approaches to such work, teachers might urge students to compile all sorts of texts and objects in their lives – as a good habit with a lot of applications. Then the officially mandated portfolio will not be such an unnatural and merely “educational” phenomenon.

I like this idea. The portfolio as a body of work of all sorts is essential, especially when texts connect and refer to one another. One item, say a description of a process, links to another, say, the coded rendering of that process.

Portfolio is one way of telling a story. Where was I? How far have I come? How did I get here? What things have I connected?

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  1. gibb

    I have read this entry and the previous one a couple times before the image of the trunk in the attic coalesced. Someone sitting before the opened dusty trunk, pulling out items one at a time to ponder over pieces of a life generations later.

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