Regarding Surgery

A few weeks back I found a fairly large lump in my abdomen. It was soft, flexible and stayed in my mind for a few moments before something else grabbed my attention. I’d been doing lots of work on the basement walls and building and installing some understair shelving for storage and as a fort for S. General wear and tear is also starting to catch up.

A few days later, the midriff started to hurt and the bulge had grown. I knew exactly what had happened. On the 15th I went to see Dr. C and he knew what happened too.

“So, Steve, you think you have a hernia.”

“Think so,” I said.

“You have a hernia,” he said. “It’s got to be repaired.”

We contacted the UCONN Health Center and made appointments.

However, by Wednesday, my condition quickly worsened–partly by driving–and Thursday my wondrous wife rushed me in to see the surgeon, who made lots of time for us, and scheduled the fixup for Monday the 22nd. Now I must get back to laying still. But laptop warmth is quite soothing.

More soon.

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  1. Jesse

    Indeed, hope you’re recovering well and back in the classroom soon. Couldn’t resist taking Shakespeare this spring to see the methods you were speaking on in regards to teaching it in action.

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