Just a few riddle-like things:

1. If someone claims that 5 + 5 is 9, it is not politics to suggest that that’s the wrong answer.

2. If the crystal ball is fairly clear (reasonable presumption) and ten murderous despots are holed up in a hospital filled with children and it is foretold that they will in the future murder millions, it is right to blow up the hospital. However, should we?

3. The man who tears down his house looking for other one hundred dollar bills that must be there given that he’d already found one inside a wall is a rational person.

2 thoughts on “riddles

  1. Rina

    1. Right. However, the best lies are constructed around ‘truth.’ It’s one of those funny things. Sometimes what seems completely rational on an isolated or individual level, is completely irrational when it is compared to the whole or…the other way around. And…sometimes 5 + 5 does equal 9. And that is the truth.2. No, it is not right. But, yes, we should. Cold, I know. Heavy are burdens.3. Patterns and anomalies…hard to say. Not enough information.

  2. Jason

    1. 5+5=9? I don’t know about that, but I do have it on reasonable authority that sometimes 2+2=orange…

    2. Isn’t this the basic question of ‘The Dead Zone’ by Stephen King? What if one of these despots would have killed a scientist whose germ warfare research would have killed millions? The upshot is that we humans don’t have the brains to play God.

    3. I think I’d use the money to buy a good bloodhound, and train him to sniff for money. If there isn’t any more in the house, he might be able to find some anywhere you go. Plus you get a dog out of the deal!


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