Serenity and other things Firefly

Mark Bernstein on Serenity

A good movie. See it. Probably the best science fiction movie since The Matrix. And, while you could still make a case for the original Star Wars if you wanted, this is probably the best space opera to date.

S and I went for the show on Friday and we enjoyed a pretty much empty theater. I sensed that Serenity, a closer on the Joss Whedon series Firefly (which I was sort of sad to see drop off the air: if it’s good, it’s doomed on SciFi), was the result of a top-notch editing job, taking lots of episodes pipelined for story development, and truncating the whole into a tight narrative built for filmspace. I suspect also though that those unfamiliar with the series may find the characters and narrative complications perplexing.

4 thoughts on “Serenity and other things Firefly

  1. Eve

    Ahh, this website wasn’t on the syllabus (at least not anywhere I could find it) and so I had to dig around a little on Google, but now I’ve got it.
    You write the way you talk (talk the way you write?), which is really nifty, because I can tell it’s you either way. To stay on topic, I’m definately gonna see Serenity this weekend, and I certianly hope you’re right about it, so that my 9 dollars isn’t wasted. Remember when movies tickets were like 5 bucks? Ugh.

  2. Christopher

    My wife and I have been catching up on Firefly on Friday’s thanks to SciFi. We then went out to get the show on DVD.

    We went with some friends and saw it, and really enjoyed it. It made $10M it’s fist weekend, and I’d heard that it was around $40M to make so my hope is that if it breaks even over the sourse of it’s entire release, and then makes a little more on DVD that maybe e’ll see a sequel or see it return to TV.

    I was surprised and shocked to see some of what happened and left a little saddened.

    We were also a little upset that they didn’t use the theme song.

    “You can’t take the sky from me…”

  3. Steve Post author

    “We were also a little upset that they didn’t use the theme song.”

    Exactly what we said, too!

    It would be interesting for the retrun of the series, but I wonder what story they would tell given that the arcs have run their course?

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