Social Networks and Any Other Fad Term

The last post referenced a typical revelatory article about social networks. But I often wonder about the “reality” of such a term and what it’s supposed to point to. Social network. A network. Something social and networked. Connections. But what is the time frame for that network, if indeed such a thing exists? Can one actually trace the network and its social condensation?

I used a cell phone example. But the only difference I see here between a shout or a landline discussion is place, context, and science. What about Magna Carta? A shared poem? The networks of a growing religion?

2 thoughts on “Social Networks and Any Other Fad Term

  1. susan

    Of course they are all examples of social networks using the connection of communication. You’re right, the mode of communication is just a factor. However, that factor would affect the nature of the trend of communication. Cavemen wrote on walls and pointed to things. Small circle of communication. The internet and phone lines and whatever technology expands that circle and what it communicates will necessarily be affected not only by means, but by the diversity to which it is newly opened.

  2. susan

    BTW, what happened to your logo? Honest, I only viewed the source code to help figure out the Narratives situation. I didn’t fool around in here and delete your logo somehow. Honest.

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