Sounds like New Media learning

From Businessweek online

B-schools are are now trying to go beyond the single elective in product design by linking up with design schools. One of best programs in the country is the Integrated Product Development track for MBAs at Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business. Designers, engineers, and marketers mix it up in the classroom to develop prototypes of useful products that are commercially viable. MBAs more accustomed to financial analysis and bottom-line issues are pushed to think more creatively. “Innovation is critical in management. You have to innovate to compete and survive,” says Carnegie Mellon Dean Kenneth B. Dunn.

I’d suggest that an important issue here is where to start this learning. Could be in Tunxis’ New Media Program. Here we know that solving problems “is” a creative act. Poets and photographers do it all the time. Just watch Congress try to throw bricks at stone.