Mark Bernstein informs us that the new issue of TEKKA is up and running.

An excellent place to submit works in hypertext.

TEKKA is about enjoying new media. It explores software aesthetics. It’s something we need to discuss, and right now the cover charge is leaving too many people outside.

An interesting exam of tagging by Cathy Marshall

I’m convinced that tags provide us with a fine way to organize our own stuff. After all, I was a member of the Hypertext community before stuff-organizing was fashionable, back when faceted classification was an obscure idea attributed to an Indian librarian named S. R. Ranganathan. Even without facets, you don’t have to look very hard to see that people seem to function pretty well in a world full of things that they’ve organized all by themselves— grocery lists they’ve written on the back of envelopes and to-do lists based strictly on the satisfaction they get from crossing off things— without leaning on the tricks espoused by Lifehacking gurus like Danny O’Brien and Merlin Mann.

But I do need to be persuaded that tags are of use to strangers. I’m no Blanche Dubois of the data glut.