the obsolete teacher

Maureen Durkin writes, “If a teacher opens a door, asks a student to enter, then closes it… Does that make the teacher obsolete? Is learning suddenly student driven? Hmm, but then hasn’t learning always been student driven?”

My first response would be, sure, obsolete, at least in a sense. But teachers come in all shapes. Students are teachers when they learn on their own, which in my mind, should be the goal of education: to teach people to teach themselves when necessary and where wanted.

But game space is a learning environment. I’m learning from Plotkin at the moment, thanks to John Timmons for the file. Learning what? To look and try out, to “essay” and “assay.” To use my wits, what of them are left or hungry.

But this reminds me of something. What is Maureen Durkin up to?

2 thoughts on “the obsolete teacher

  1. Maureen

    To utilize a “game” is to apply what you have learned… It becomes less theory, more reality..:)

    Ah, assay… “IF she has come out pure gold from the assay” -Clarissa, Samuel Richardson…

    To “essay” is to merely theorize… To “assay” is to put theory to the test..[Experiment, evaluate, analyze]..gaming indeed a “test” and “experiment” that may or may not yield favorable results…

    What has Maureen been up too? It has been a long strange year.. I will elaborate further on this in the near future..for now, it will remain a mystery…

    Okay, I will let loose on one thing..I have been helping Dr. Wren [and company] in their fight to save WCH at UTEP… There have been some setbacks, but hopefully the final outcome will be victory for our side.

    Most Graciously,

    *A Mayde in her own little woode…

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