4 thoughts on “The Problem

  1. Neha

    Wait a minute…Joe Lieberman thinks? I wish I had the time to launch a tirade…but, it baffles me that the Dems think its okay to slam just because he’s in agreement with what the president is doing. They would probably be using him as a punching bag regardless of the issue he supported as long as it came from the “other side.”

  2. Synthman

    Personally being a little right to center, I’ll take that Lieberman trade. The dems have to figure out what their party believes in and stands for. Just because Lieberman sides with Bush on many issues it shouldn’t cause his own party to exile him. The dems are out of control and unchecked these days well, I guess am radio has been calling out there unsubstantiated rhetoric.

    If the dems don’t like the way republicans are doing things then they should suggest some solutions instead of spewing hate all day. How about they embrace alternative fuels like corn oil, there’s one separate us, The US, from the middle east. Sorry, I got too political here…

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