Theater Continues

Sorry, not listening anymore. Well, not for a while now.

We’ve always fed the dogs Blue Seal.

Now to the question of student speech.

“Illegal drugs and the glorification of the drug culture are profoundly serious problems for our nation,” Mr. Starr, a former solicitor general, told the justices in the opening moments of his argument on Monday.

. . .

A majority of the court seemed willing to create what would amount to a drug exception to students’ First Amendment rights, much as the court has in recent years permitted widespread drug testing of students, even those not personally suspected of using drugs, under a relaxed view of the Fourth Amendment prohibition against unreasonable searches.

Maybe I’m just dense, but I don’t get the connection other than the same-old deep moralistic bunk expressed in war promotion. Isn’t this like chasing mice with a truck?

We should get back to poetry.

So, when is Connecticut going to break ground on road-surface technology, emissions, and better weather?

But by the way, could someone tell me the use of Google Scholar?

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