Tinderbox Dashboard

Here’s a screenshot of my Tinderbox dashboard.


This is a basic set up for the upcoming 100 Stories project.  The top left adornment contains each month’s prototype, which sets color and display expressions for individual stories as they come.  Hunting contains agents that will search for and collect similar stories.  A few agents will also search for and collect stories with likely point of view phrases.  On the right side is a column for keeping daily updates in order, counting published stories and sorting them by their creation date.  These are containers.  You can see that the Practice container contains stories already published on mediaplay.

The big blue adornment beneath Hunting is the deck for stories either in progress or those about to be dumped into the right hand containers.  I should rename this: the deck.  Backing it all is a slice of Carianne’s painting entitled “scattered.”  Likely to come is a container for stories that don’t make it, as such a project will result in lots of stories that won’t make it onto mediaplay but that play a brainstorm role.  I have lots of these from 100 Days.

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