3 thoughts on “topology, part 2

  1. gibb

    Okay, so how do you keep the voles and moles from eating the bulbs? Or are the varmints not a problem there for you…I planted a hill in lilies that were placed in pots and sunk into the ground because of them, and I’d dig them all up every two years, separate them out and re plant in more pots.

    Externality? A good place to spend a few hours and learn a few things.

  2. steve

    Typically, the bulbs (tulips, anemonae, pallida, and daffs) are planted in controlled areas, away from lawn or back nearer the house. We’ve had some issues with the varmints getting at things, but consider this resource competition. If they eat them, they must need them. I also happen to like moles. They seem to be good for keeping the soil soft under the grass.

  3. Maureen

    One good way to solve the varmint problem…CATS…

    Yes, those majestic beautiful beasts.. Ready to pounce on those pesky varmints… They are a mix of beauty and cruelty… Yet we owe a lot to our furry friends…

    Most Graciously,

    *A Mayde in her own fall woode…

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