Tunxis Tours

Spazeboy writes further about his Tour de Tunxis.

I’d like to see him write more about a logical full-time faculty staffing number. I think we need five more English faculty to cover work load. That’s a lot of faculty. What forces prohibit a reasonable number of full-time teaching faculty?

Is this the correct question?

He might ask, “Why don’t you write about it?”

And I would answer, “Because I’m a cynic.”

1 thought on “Tunxis Tours

  1. susan

    Money’s the answer; what’s the question?

    ALL organizations, from institution to corporation, determine their path by setting the bottom line. In corporations, the current practice is outsourcing, either the work itself out of the country, or the manpower through job shops. In schools, the savings in benefits and perks of the full-timer is tremendous, I’m sure. Hey, a teacher’s a teacher; what’s the big deal if he’s committed or not?

    Did you know that Elmer’s glue is made in China?

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