Weird Political Writing: More on the Bizarre

I caught this Fallows entry through the feeds (meaning RSS). Fallows is, I imagine, reporting on the Romney campaign. In this report he makes remarks about shit Romney does, which just seems odd as “reports from the road” genres go. We learn that Romney is taken by touch pads and talked to a doctor about changes of address, who may or may not have been exaggerating. I don’t see how this “information” makes sense.

A brief spat developed over this piece at The Daily Caller in my FB feed. It’s an example of the “irony thing” again from a Conservative organ, wherein there’s a bit missed about the definition of hypocrisy, context framing, and the ability to construct an argument not with evidence or appeals but rather with a humorless grin.

Since we can’t get a million infrastructure jobs up and running, we need something better to do, I guess.