what to do with reading

Spinning writes about what we should do after reading a novel like Blood Meridian. There are a lot of answers. Problem is I don’t know any of them.

Personally, I read such a novel for the ideas and the writing. Sure, it’s a novel full of violence, but the violence in my view is a small part of it. I like writing that reminds the reader that there are mysteries and there are mysteries. Also, one book or story feeds others. After the ride of Blood Meridian, it can be hard to move on to the next story. BM can overwhelme the reading list, but it can also give it life.

3 thoughts on “what to do with reading

  1. spinning

    Yeah, like my Amazon order came in today. There’s 7 right there, plus Space and Place that came in last week, and yesterday’s order for Didascalicon, The Poetics of Space, Kid Rodelo, and The Spirit of the Border. Where does one go from here? How about, “How to Decorate with Books”?

  2. Maureen

    You can decorate with books… Books lined up neatly on a coffee table are quite decorative..[not the “fluff” books]…

    You can pile up books next to a couch..It looks so intellectual..Of course you have to read them to actually “be” an intellectual..;)

    Do you organize your books by theme? For instance, do you place history books together, English Literature together..things like that..or are you books just in a mishmash in your bookcase?…

    Most Graciously,

    *A Mayde in her own little woode….

  3. spinning

    Uh, they’re on and in the coffee table, side tables, piles by the couch. They’re neatly arranged on bookshelves in the bedroom, but piles more can still be used as stepstools to reach the high shelves. They’re hidden under the beds, they’re in the bathroom. There are some that really don’t belong amongst the row of cookbooks in the kitchen, and there are some that are hiding in my shop because they felt they might catch my attention on a slow day. They’re in the basement den that J. uses as his get-away-from-me room, but those are really his special interest and collector books. Computer, reference and writing books are here in my computer room, and I just found my Intro to Lit Book from last year hiding in the stack. I would guess that 20% have not been read or used yet, but the others are too special for one reason or another to give away. Our friends have threatened that when we die, the hole assigned us shall be dug a little deeper, a little wider, and my only consolation is to take the stance of the great Pharoahs and believe I’ll have my treasures with me into the great beyond.

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