Word 07 (or whatever the hell it’s called)

I’m getting lots of complaints about the latest version of MS Word.

My students don’t need a complicating word processor, nor do I. “Complicating” not “complicated.” Basically, the kind of documents we create are simple, printable things. The world, however, of documents is a complicated place. Apparently.

I want to know a few things about what my students think, commonly ideas that come in the form of fundamental argument often supported by a little research. Or stories. But the software gets in the way of this. Word 07 is so different from the last version that people beginning on it will have no problem generating paper. I had a colleague today suggest that those who use the deep functions of XP will really be lost (because they stored complex macros or really understood where everything was kept in their customized toolbars) and this may be the case.

1 thought on “Word 07 (or whatever the hell it’s called)

  1. Mary Ellen

    Word 2003 is still available in the TCC network, under this link:
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Microsoft Office

    It’s been erased from the menu, but still exists for those who are more interested in writing instead of playing with the software.

    If Windows wants to demonstrate the benefits of a Mac, this is a good way to do it.

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