Back to Multiplatform Publishing: Question for Writers and Developers

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

One of the qualms of instruction is that often you must depart an ongoing project and return to it asking, “What was I doing? What had I planned?”

This is why persistent weblog use is a good thing. (And Literary Arts journals. I thank Jesse Abbot for the use of that term in order to tank the term “creative writing”). In any event I’ll be digging back into the frameworks issue by creating templates in Tinderbox for output across the publishing ecology and considering the validity of Objective C in the project and available XML Android adaptation. Then there’s jQuery.

The big question is this and if you have suggestions I’d love to hear them. Let’s say you’re a writer or a developer and you want to make your project available to readers and users of multiple devices:

1. Is the solution to build on the web?
2. Is the solution to build on the device specific paradigm?
3. What’s the essential question as it would seem that application developing appears to be crunching toward androgyny?

2 responses to “Back to Multiplatform Publishing: Question for Writers and Developers”

  1. Is application development indeed crunching toward androgyny?

    Not sure I believe it!

  2. Steve says:


    But isn’t this the complaint about the flash player? I think my question goes to platform specific vs multiplatform, especially for mobile devices.