the writing process

I believe that writers should always attempt to understand expressive styles as a matter of “feeling out” the history of craft, while also understanding that styles are also “natural” to form or native to voice. This is an issue of hearing and voice and what promotes individual flare and gusto. Here Spinning goes after a minimalist juxtaposition

After I fired, I stood in the alleyway looking down at a pile of clothing and nothing else. He was gone, totally gone, and Im sure would not even be missed because he was obviously homeless and living on the streets for a long, long time.

I think the writer here captures the abstractions well. Here we have a willed “distance” from the subject that in a way points back to the author and the reader. What I see is the shooter standing over strangeness.

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  1. susan

    Oooh, they’re gonna stone me for saying this, but I pulled a dumb broad thingie and the link you have for Spinning is incorrect and defunct. It should be (without the numeral 1). So sorry. Thank you for posting it. Sorry again. Really. And thanks for directing me to blog. But sorry for the mixup. Really sorry. I’m more pathetic and stupid than Mary (of John and Mary) who really isn’t at all. But, I’m a blogger, and she’s not.

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