Obama’s press reactions have been in the news a lot. I wish someone would do something about what happens to people in the public eye. I’ve heard the claim that if celebrities don’t want the exposure then they should get out of the business. This is bunk and always has been.

Consider an actor who happens to make it huge. When we break down the condition, we have an actor in a movie (or a man who’s voted into office), a person who maybe loves what they do, and can move on and do greater and greater things. Etymologically, celebrity has to do with amount of time (how many times you are aware of another person or place) and fame, thus kin to reputation in oral culture and heroism. But as people, we lose nothing in letting people get on with their business, especially now, when “getting on with business” in a post-ideological fashion might make some sense.

He can’t have his Blackberry and GW couldn’t email his kids. Shameful. One reason it worries me is because we have a lot of work to do and to let sham justifications bar solutions and decisions amounts to cracking more hulls. The cracks are widening and the water’s rising enough already.