Story Plotting

Here’s today’s story plotting by word length in Tinderbox, using this bit of code as a rule: $Pattern=”plot($WordCount)”.


Considering length hasn’t been much of an issue, as the internal questions about plot and character have taken precedence. Day to day writing prohibits length, but the upper parameter of length hasn’t been much more than a thousand. The longest story is The Champion at 1203 words. At 238, The Children works out as the shortest. Average length works out to about 650.

3 thoughts on “Story Plotting

  1. gibb

    Wow. This is really neat. I wonder if I can do this in the hypertexts. I’ll have to play around some more.

  2. mudassar m. ahmad

    but in a way length matters if the stroy is to be written for certain differnt turns and twists related to various nodes. this is what the multisequentiality of hypertext is!!!

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